Who am I?

My name is Andrea. I was born in the Philippines, raised in the U.S. and I am currently 16 years old, merely a junior in high school. I have a love for classical music, mid-day naps and most of all, traveling. Since childhood, my family and I would always take yearly trips around the country and on rare occasions, out of the country. So far, I have loved the isolated islands of Isla Gigantes and the wondrous hikes in Zion National Park.

Angels Landing @ Zion National Park

Why am I here?

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to be nurse just like my mother. I find it odd now considering that I was never interested in science whatsoever. Despite telling myself that I’d become a nurse, I’ve always been a curious and daring kid. I loved to draw, create music and write stories. As years went by, I found a new love for photography and journalism. I began keeping journals and sharing pictures on Instagram which eventually, had led me to create a blog. Here I am now!


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